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Yes, it's me again, SBZ22. As you can probably guess, I'm taking yet another survey. This, out of my many topics, is about the best movie you have ever seen. Sooooooo, you can put it down and state your name. Again, only WikiUsers.

(LOTR: Already three!) - FireBird
SBZ22: The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

FireBird: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (The Italian Job is probably tied with POTC at 2nd and 3rd is Monty Python and the holy grail)

PirateChki: Pirates of the Caribbean!

Another Fan: Tenth Kingdom, You probebly never heard of it but you can rent it at blockbuster
it is a vhs series it is just very long that is why it is a series.

Lord Karkon: Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure!

Heir_of_Lindeen: I have seen the tenth kingdom. That was a great movie, but I would have to say the best movie I have ever seen would have to be the Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Oh man. Have none of you guys ever seen The Usual Suspects??? Obviously not, because if you like mystery-thriller type movies, then that would be your favorite. Uhhhh....besides that, I'd probably have to say the Matrix trilogy, even though everyone else hates it.

PrincessofStrongBadia: Yes, it's childish, but, "The Land Before Time". I have a plethera of other movies I thing are up there though:
-Austin Powers
-Liar Liar
-Kate & Leopold

Heir_of_Lindeen: I remember Land before time. That was a awesome movie. All the sequels sucked though. (No they didn't -me)

InterruptorJones: I'm gonna stick out like a sore thumb, here, but I'd have to say its a tie between [Amelie] and [Requiem for a Dream]. -- InterruptorJones

Shopiom: Spider-Man, Harry Potter, Finding Nemo, and Shrek 2.

Hmm, i have a tie between LOTR3:ROTK and Spiderman. 3rd place is (yess i kno dumb)The Lion King. That was my favorite movie when i was 4. I was obsessed with it! i had a t shirt, the movie, the soundtrack, the "kissing" simba and nala doll, a purring nala, a giant stuffed simba, a lunchbox, and a playset. Woah.
~Arrohed Aria

I loved the Lion King, too, partly because I love the African music and animals. Otherwise I really dislike Disney. Much better is Dreamworks' The Prince of Egypt. Incredible music and art and animation. (Great story too.) Other favorites of mine include The Truman Show, Monty Python's The Holy Grail, The Princess Bride, The Dark Crystal, the original Star Wars trilogy, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and the original Planet of the Apes series. LOTR all three of them, too, of course. --DungeonGirl

When I was in fourth grade, we bought The Lion King on VHS, and I watched it almost every day. I had the entire thing, from start to finish, memorized. Verbatim. But anywho, my all-time favorite movie would have to be The Matrix. Although, most of the movies you guys have listed are pretty high up on my all-time list. Tenth Kingdom isn't really a movie, it's a miniseries, but that means it can be categorized all on its own! Tenth Kingdom is by far my favorite miniseries. I've rented it multiple times from Blockbuster. -- Gemini

Jeez. I donno. The Matrix is definently up there. Also Shrek. Pirates of the Caribbean is another great one. The Princess Bride has some of the best sword play ever, and Ferris Bueler's Day Off is another of my fav's. I'd say my current favorite (as of now) has to be Cowboy Bebop: The Movie.
-The Brothers E

The Fog!!!!!! It an old horror movie that I was hyper when watching and I was on the floor laughing.
--(Psycho Mike)?

I thought the 10th kingdom was realli dumb and annoying.-arro

Do you know what I find amusing? Not one person here has mentioned either Casablanca or Citizen Kane, widely acknowledged to be among the two greatest English movies of all time. Sure, they may not be my favorite movies, but they're still the best. As for my favorite movies, they would be without question The Matrix Trilogy, The Nightmare Before Christmas, and Monty Python and the Holy Grail. - Guruvian Movie Critic

Um, does anyone realize that the Wikichat has no link to this page? I seem to remember other serveys that are not linked.
-The Brothers E

Yup. A lot of the "getting to know you" ones had their links deleted a while back, but the pages where never deleted. Like the WikiAges one, if I remember correctly. I think we should put the links back up. -- Tom


My dad took me to see some bad, yet funny movies: Starsky and Hutch (not really bad at all), Jay and Silent Bob Strike Bad (sort of bad), Blue Collar Comedy Tour (just some innuendos), things like that. -Hagurumon

Life of Brian. --Upsilon

Pulp fiction, fight club, and return of the king. sid_hoffman

I have a lot:
All Back To The Futures
All Star Wars
The Passion Of The Christ

The THING, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, and Top Gun - The Conductor

Without a doubt. Pulp Fiction. -Hobophobic

Hmm... most likely The Sting. Because I love heist movies and this one is THE best. - CheatCommando

Definitely The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter. I also like the Day after Tomorrow. -Da Bee

Spinal Tap is the funniest movie and greatest band ever -- jiggaman

YEAH Spinal Tap and Best in Show and A Mighty Wind! and I loved SuperSize Me and Bowling for Columbine. Also, Jay and Silent Bob strike back and Dogma. And The lord of The rings, Every movie with Will Ferrel or any former SNL castmember, and The Cowboy Bebop Movie, Spirited Away, In fact anything Matizaki (spelling..?)--TasteBaller

Lord of the Rings Queen Of Town

The Dragonball Z movies (I cant wait for #'s 9-12)4's the only one I didn't watch and I hear is the worst and some others like scary movie 3 and the austin powers trilogy and a buncha others.-Homestarball Z

Mine is Ferris Bueller's Day Off (Life moves pretty fast,If you don't stop and look around at it once in a while,You could miss it.) kingofhomsaria

hmmm, there are too many good movies. I do like alot of these that are listed already, but I'll go with Wayne's world 1 and 2, oh, and also 'Mr Accident' with Yahoo Serious in it. He is an Australian actor too by the way.
- The Auzzie girl from the future M.J

EboMike: Menace II Society, American Beauty, American History X

Spiderman 2, I'm a fool for Doc Ock. He's just sooo Cool. Who dosn't want to stick for robotic tentacles in their back? I want to do that to me! And I like it that Spiderman didn't stop him, but he stopped himself from being a monster. Oh, the original Thing from Outer Space is better. Princess Bride ("I want my Father back you son of a @#&*#"), Star Wars, THE MALTESE FALCON (Which is probably one of my favorite books, also), THE THIN MAN SERIES (I'm a foo' for Dashiel Hammet's stuffs), The ORIGINAL THING FROM OUTER SPACE, NOT THING, THE THING FROM OUTER SPACE, and The Star Trek Movies (Row, row, row your boat!).
- Mysterious-Stranger

I cannot help but notice that about half the people on this page need to get out to their local Blockbuster more. Have you any idea what goes into a film that makes it great? The seed you're missing is called Cinematography, or in simple terms, the way a scene is shot with a camera. You're missing 25-50% of the movie if you don't watch for the strange camera angles. Think about what they might mean. A perfect example of this is in [Batman Returns]. In one shot we see The Penguin and Max Shreck from underwater in the sewers. (SPOILER) Later, when Penguin is dead, we see a similar shot from underwater that looks up at the penguins. Having said that, my favorite movie(s). That would have to be [Edward Scissorhands]. But that's only in the Fantasy genre! Per comedy, [The Cable Guy]. Jim Carrey is the funniest man alive. In mystery, [Dark City]. Take the time to watch for camera angles in this one. In the Horror/Thriller category, although new, is [Signs]. All of M. Night Shyamalan's movies use technique shots. In Scifi, the [Alien] series. Well that's about it. -Ace101, the movie watcher

The Triplets of Belleville. Definitely. It got nominated for an Oscar. Anyone ever seen it? And also, the little old granny is my favorite character.--TubularLuggage

Crasy, I just watched that last night. Loved it. the music was awesome. On another note, did anyone see Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind? That was a good movie!