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Please use this space to post your fanstuff. Fanstuff is defined as anything that comes from the imagination/creativity of a fan, as opposed to something created by The Brothers Chaps themselves. Only your stuff goes here -- don't post other people's stuff unless they specifically ask you to, but you can post links to other web sites. If your fanstuff needs a page all its own, please make it a sub-page to this one (put a / in front of your WikiWord, e.g. ((/InterruptorJonesBuddyIcons|Interruptor Jones' Buddy Icons))). If you have a comment for one of the fan's creations please make sure it is a POSITIVE comment or at the very least a "carefully worded constructive criticism" before you add it to the page.
*Email Stuff
*Character Explanations
*Text Adventures
[[Anchor EmailStuff?]]
=== Email Stuff ===
*(Other Character Email)? - Other characters answer emails. The wiki's very first interactive feature. The characters have more truer personalities then the ones in Other Other Email.
*(POS SBEmails)? All of the emails PrincessofStrongBadia has sent Strong Bad.
*(Shadow00 Emails)? Basically a ditto of above, only they're the emails I sent to SB.
*(Hagurumon Emails)? Hagurumon's emails to Strong Bad.
*(Other Other Email)? You can answer emails for characters we don't know much about! It allows for more creativity! (Here you go, Strongrad!)
*(Emails sent to Strong Bad)? - Da Bee
*1936 Made-Up Mails -Dorecall (Doregard) and The Conductor (Homsar) answer emails! Send one to them! - The Conductor and Shopiom.
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=== Media ===
*(Music)? -- Musical tributes to Homestar Runner.
*(Interrupor Jones' Buddy Icons)? -- H*R buddy icons by InterruptorJones
*(Music Videos)? -- Homestar Runner Music Videos
*(Fan Art)? -- A place were you can put your art you made or whatever it is.
*(Everywhere I Look)? -- A rap I wrote when I was first beginning to get obsessed with Strong Bad. Just take a WILD GUESS at who wrote it.
*(ASCII Art)? -- Art. ASCII. Post yours.
*(How to draw Characters by SibbieSong)? -- The name explains it all.
*(Poetry)? - Poetry.
*(The Lost Character Tapes!)? -Shopiom
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=== Awards ===
*(Wiki Awards)? -- JestersOfTheMoon awards wiki patrons
*(The Golden Doregards)? - The ULTIMATE Wiki awards show! Rates all the cartoons in various catigories, until the last award... THE PLATIUM DOREGARD! Get ready, the nominations are about to begin! (Hosted by ninjaman)
*(Character Awards)? - PrincessofStrongBadia nominates H*R characters for their awesomeness.
*(HaguruAwards)? - Nominate a person, place or thing, then vote who wins! A great way to score HaguruPoints
*(The Elective Cabinet Of Homestar Runner Humorists)? - In case a FanStuff cannot be maintained, TECOHRH will take over.

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=== Stories ===
*(The Jengaship 3)? -- Homestar Runner meets StarTrek! Brought to you by JamesGecko!
*(The Perfect Prank)? -- A story created by CE5, will be finished by Ingiald
*(A Decemberween Carol)? -- A made-up Decemberween special parodying "A Christmas Carol"
*(Homestar Runner Celebrity Jeopardy)?- Homestar, Strong Bad, and the King of Town appear on Jeopardy!
*(Romeo and Juliet)?- Homestar and Company perform The Bard's most famous play!
*(The guys you don't see anymore)? -Work in progress. Why was it deleted? {It wasn't. It's right where you left it. -- Tom}
*(The Ulitimate Contest)? -- A story following the original H*R children's book by PrincessofStrongBadia.
*(Pom Pom's Friends)? -- Pom Pom is visited by a friend from the island of Pom. Its totally awesome.Strongrad
*(The Dimension)? -- The H*R characters find themselves in another dimension, a story by Pomx2
*(The Loser Contest)?--A lovely story by Diva840
*(The Lord of the Stars - The Fellowship of the Star)? -- When Homestar is given an evil star that corrupts anyone, he learns he must travel to the evil fortress of Lord Ungurait to destroy the ring in the one place it could be destroyed- where the star was created- the fires of Mount Boom. Thus begins the epic tale of power in The Lord of The Stars . - FireBird
*(The Lord of the Stars - The Two Evil Tall Things)? -- As the forces of evil spawned by the two towers ravage the lands and people of Middle-Earth, the remaining members of the Fellowship must advance their quest to destroy the star against overwhelming odds. The fate of the whole world rests upon a knife edge... - FireBird
*(Homestar Pwoter and the Sorcerors 'Tone)?- Story of Homestar trying to defeat the evil Stinkoman. Strongrad
*(The Magic Marshmallow!)? -by Hagurumon
*(Homestar for President!)? A horror tale based on the book The Shining. Title has nothing to do with Story. - SephirothBadReligion
*(Homestar Run GO)? -- An epic tale of love, friendship, and- oh what the crap. It's just a parody of DBZ. By Lord Kakarrot
*(A story about Homsar.)? -By Strong Lad
*(Homsar and Homestar.)? -By Da Bee
*(Homestar Du Freak.)? -By Da Bee (a working progress)
*(The Homestory)? - It was recorded by The Conductor
*(Homestar Runner: Galaxy of Fear: Loohcsemoh)? - AgentNine
*(Homsar Meets Creepy Comb-Over StrongBad)? -TasteBaller and The Conductor
*(Another DBZ Parody)? A parody of the Frieza saga.-Who's most likely to do one, ME
*(The Strong Band)? - Strong Bad and co. decide to start up a band. By Gemini
*(Homestar for president)? -This time he REALLY is nominating for president! By Nelson339;
*(Homestar and The Time Machine)? - By Strong Bad and Homsar
*(20X6: Enter the Cantaloupe)? - A 20X6 episode by Strong Lad with extra ideas from Dark Grapefruit
*(Dangeresque 4: The Criminal Chase)? - Dangeresque and Dangeresque, too? track down Perducci from blowing up the ocean. By FireBird
*(Bweath Of Fiaow Fow)? - A ripoff of the obscure but freaking awesome game Breath of Fire IV by DaerenRyft
*(The Elavator)? Strong Bad is going to a LimoZeen concert! Made by Shopiom
*(Dangeresque Trilogy)? The first three Dangeresques - Da Bee
*(Spiderstar)? - You can call it a "parody" of Spiderman... A.N.O.N.

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=== Products ===
*(Homestar Kart)? Description of a fake video game. By Gamingboy
*(Homestar RunKart)? A different version of (Homestar Kart)? by Yaanu
*(SB Plushie)? Description of a talking interactive stuffed animal that I wish existed. by PrincessofStrongBadia
*(Mortal Phighting)? Description of a H*R fighting type game. By Lord Karkon
*(Homestario Bros.)? Description of a parody of Mario 1. By Kupo
*(Final Homestar)? - A Homestar RPG.
*(Strong Bad Action Figure)?- Created by CE5/Ingiald
*(Cwus'n Free Country, USA.)? Rip-off of Crus'n USA. By NELSON339
*(Yet Another Zelda Parody)? - Original Idea by FireBird - This version by I.
*(Supew Buwninate Bwothews: Mewee!!!!)? by the way The Gh, this isn't an Super Smash Bros. parody, this is a Super Smash Bros. Melee parody.By the guy who plays videro games WAAAAAY more than you do
*(Homsar plush)? With over 30 nonsense phrases!By Nelson339
*(Super Marshmallow Bros.)? - I've restored the original SSB parody. - CE1
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=== Others ===
*(The Homestar Runner Weekly)? Open to writers, comic drawer people, and interviewers.
*(Homestar Survivor)? -- The cast dukes it out on a survivor show.
*(Homestar Quiz II)? -- Which H*R character are you? Specialized for WikiUsers. by PrincessofStrongBadia
*(Board of Homestaration)?- Become your favorite character's and have meetings. Strongrad
*(SB Trivia Quiz)? - Do you has what it takes to answer questions about Strong Bad correctly??
*(Marshmallow's Last Base)? - Homestar and friends try out for a part in the Zero Wing intro. By Kupo
*(Homestar Death Match)? - Choose characters and wtach as they duke it out for the tidle of champion! -Stevebad
*(Ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer)?(about H*R) made by Shopiom
*(YkystmtoHRcw)? You know you spend too much time on H*R.com when...
*(Social Graces)? a quiz about Homsar! - Da Bee
*(Homestar,Which one are you?)? - Da Bee
*(SB Qbasic Program)? - Droffats
*(Free Country Daily)? the English Homestar Newspaper - Da Bee
*(Drawing Lessons)? - Da Bee
*(/Homestar personality tests)?- from Gamingboy (Yeah, remember him?)
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=== Character Explanations ===
*(Stories of their Lives)? - More character explanations. by PrincessofStrongBadia
*(Character Stuff)?- Like the above but by Strongrad
*(Behind The Laughter)? - Another version of Character Explanations by Yaanu
*(wiki characters)? post characters you made here! By duders307
*(The Original Character Explanations)? by CE5/Ingiald -- Do you really need an explanation?
*(Homestar and Pals)? - By Da Bee
*(Homestar and Pals 2)? - more Homestar and pals explanations by Da Bee
*(Character Tales)? - Even more explanations of characters. - CE1
*( Homsar-The Begining to Now)? How homsar was made- kingofhomsaria
*( My Chacter Explanations)? Their Lifes- kingofhomsaria
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=== Places ===
*Stevebadia - Stevebad's kingdom
*(Homestar Land)? - A description of Homestar Land Theme Park, a great place for a family vacation. - FireBird
*(Map of Free Country)? - My version of a map of Free Country, USA, by Yaanu
*(Another Map)?- My version of the above. Strongrad
*Free Country, U.S.A. Map - A map of FCUSA. - The Conductor
*(Free Country USA)? - Da Bee
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=== Text Adventures ===
*(Homestar Runner Text Adventure)? -Pick the character, and the fun keeps coming! The ORIGINAL WikiFanStuff Text Adventure by FireBird
*(Text Adventure Two)? - Similar to above, by SibbieSong
*(Choose Your Path)? - Same as above by Yaanu
*( Be the main character in THY SOMETHINGMAN!!)? - By Mysterious-Stranger
*(My Text Adventure)? - You know you want to. -Ingiald))
*(The Fad is on!)? - My version!
*(Homestar Adventures)? -By Da Bee
*(The King of Town's Adventure Pack)? - By Da Bee
*(An Open For All Strong Bad Adventure)? - I noticed there aren't any "Everyone can add to the adventure" adventures (Am I correct?), so this is one. - Started by lue of sky, Continued by You (hopefully)
*(Homestar Runner RPG)? An RPG, meaning it is longer and has more fun stuff. Made by Hagurumon.
*(Free Country USA Adventure)? Take a look around the town, just avoid certain people! Da Bee
*(Homestar TextQuest)? - CE1
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[[Anchor Comments]]

First: If you have a comment for one of the fan's creations please make sure it is a POSITIVE comment before writing it on the page. I dunno if I agree with this, people should be free to fairly critque people's works, free speech, you know?.
Second: Where should I put, as opposed to tributes to Homestar, tributes to the wiki?

To AlphaZodiac who doesn't agree w/ the rule: I just don't see why critiquing is necessary. I mean come on. Is it really?

Sure, I don't see why not. I'm not sure how much material is out there, though. Other comments, anyone?
-The Brothers E

Yeah, I made like... two tributes to the wiki, one is 'The Official InterruptorJones Keyboard', it's pretty much a huge DELETE button, and this ad for JoeyDay and his 'Bi-Yearly Begathon, Send Me Money!' reffering, of course to WikiLedger.

Yeah, those would be great to see, as long as they are tasteful, of course. You could put them under "Others". Oh, and I touched up that intro. Much better now, I think. -- Tom

Do any of you do my adventure pack? - Da Bee

I mean I write differently to everyone else and everyone else writes differently to me and each other. We would both write a different type of explanation you see. - Da Bee

Also, how do you place counters? - Da Bee

You need to find a place that does counters. Bravenet.com is great, though this wiki doesn't do custom HTML (as far as I know). - FireBird

Hey, who all tried my RPG? I'm working on part 3, which hopefully will be better than the first 2. Also, yeah, we need counters, man. -Hagurumon

Try Homestar personality tests! -Gamingboy

Can some peoples read my story? Please? I want some feedback, so comment if you do. -DaerenRyft

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