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How tall do you think each of the H*R characters are? I mean we know The Cheat is 1'2" and Strong Mad is 6 feet, but The Cheat looks like a third of SM's height!
(Personally, I hope that Strong Bad is like 3'6" because I'm 4'11" and I wanna be taller than him but not THAT much taller.)

Well, we already know that Homsar is "a million ladies tall". -- InterruptorJones

I thought that Homsar just THOUGHT he was a million ladies tall. - "Douglas"

I've been wondering that for like forever. I'd say sb was about 4' tall and homestar is about5'3, and strong sad is about 5'5 and i dunt wanna do the rest. Arrohed Aria

I always imagined Homestar as being about 5 feet. (I like this idea becuase it means he's short enough for me to beat him up.) Strong Bad is about 4 feet or so, and The Cheat is like 1 1/2 feet. That's what seems logical. Also, I think that Homsar's quote in "2 emails" means that he captured all of the contestants. I didn't actually make this theory up but it makes sense. -CE5

I always imagined Homestar at 6-6 1/2 feet. I mean, he's tall! Really, I think you guys are making the characters way too short. -Sunnythehamstar

What are you talking about? You're making the characters too tall! -CE5

Duh. You guys are getting it all wrong. Everyone knows their heights depend on your monitor size and resolution! Geeze! ~ AgentSeethroo

Very funny, Seethroo. You get a one-way trip to the Moon for that crack. -CE5