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Which is your favourite SB email?

Mine is certainly Army.

"Do you has what it takes to join the Homestarmy?
Will you bring a sack lunch and some orange slices for me and serve your country?"

I love that quote.



Mine's StrongBadEmail/caper. There are many reasons:
* Random singing
* Prominently features The Cheat (i love him)
* Homestar's really cute when he's tired
* Hilarious Easter Egg

But StrongBadEmail/caffeine is pretty awesome too. "Subject became erratic, violent, and really funny to watch." That about sums it up.

-Dark Grapefruit

Mines probaly Army. Banendedo! -JamesGecko


Mine would definately be StrongBadEmail/caffeine.

"Marzipan, Marzipan. What do you wanna make? You wanna make some wood-davers with me? I got pinecones, I got peanut-butter, I got everything we need. I got Pinecones, pinecones. Gonna be successful. Gonna be phenominally successful. Sell em at the corner store, sell them at the 5 and dime. Marzipan, you gotta get on the train, gotta get on the wood-daver train. Here goes the wood-daver train it's taking off its a new century!"

"Fruit salad, fruit salad, fruit salad,.. fruit salad..salad-as-a rock?"

that was great, man. -arrohed

StrongBadEmail/caffeine is mine too. However nothing is better than Sleepy-Homestar, is he in anything else besides "StrongBadEmail/caper"? I mean the robe and the mug and the slippers: classic!


Mine is a tie between StrongBadEmail/mile and StrongBadEmail/kids' book. Some people are about to be run over. Frankie has about 5 seconds. Funny stuff. -Ace101

Actaully his name was Frankie. - Heir_of_Lindeen

Caffiene, dragon, japanese cartoon, army...not only my favorites, but 4, most probably unforgettable, SB e-mails...I also love the part in personal favorites when Strong Bad says, "I like-a to say, holy crap!" And then Homestar comes out and says, "Oh no! It's-a Strong Bad! (scene most probably done by The Cheat) -AdibM
Actually, it's not done in The Cheat style, it seems to be referring to the animation in Marshmallow's Last Stand. Notice how he says that it was a really old one.

StrongBadEmail/dragon is probably one of my favorites. "Burninating the countryside, burninatiing, the peasants. Burninating all the peopleeeeeeee, and the thatched-roof cottageeessss, thatched-roof cottageeessss!!!"
Spring Cleaning is good. "Oh, this one's definetly worth my time and consideration DELETED!" "Oh, I'll totally anwer this one because apparantly all I care about is the word crap DELETED!" "Oh, this is a new one. No way do I get this one every single day I suppose I'll answer it right now DELETED!" "Suprised at your lack of humor, deleted."
I also like StrongBadEmail/gimmicks a lot. "Good times, good times. What the-? Boom! Aaarrrrgggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!"
"Listen, I'm gonna have to borrow, like, $900." "I hope that's for a new computer. You could buy a computer like your old one at a garage sale for like, $15.00."
StrongBadEmail/sisters is also pretty funny. "Undeleted! Undeleted! Undeleted! Do something! Anything!" "You're not Ali. You're not even, literate. Oh, but I have just the thing for you, Deleted! Saved!!! message saved forever. Oh yeah, that's just great. Yeah, go ahead and save that one. I'll treasure it for years and years. Show it to my children. The ones I should have been having with Ali and Ali's sister. I hate this computer."
I also like funny "LEEKO LEEKO LEEEEEEEKO!" And "Aunt Rudie, Aunt Rudie, there's ketchup on the computer" the randomness of: "Punk, REER Punk, REER Punk, REER!" "Um, I was going to come over to do something funny but, I see you don't need my help." "Did you take some of my pills again?" because of the again part.
Sibbie is pretty good. "Oh, look who thinks he's Clever Dan!" "And debuting and #3 is Strong Bad with "I friggin' hate Sibbie" (how did The CHeat have time to record that and add in the beat?) "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHRRGH!!" "Thanks, man. I'd just about had it with that talking toaster!" "Coach Z, I thought I asked you to leave like, and hour ago." "DOUGLAS!" "Whoa, we made a breakthrough! You get a gold star!"
I also like caffeine "GET DOWN!" "No, parakeet!" "Did you just say 'parakeet'?!" "Hey, The Cheat, what'd I say, no come I done say nothing" "The subject became: Erratic, Violent, and really funny to whatch" "Hey Coach Z!" POW! "Hey Coach Z!" POW!
Flashback is pretty good. "In fact, I think I might live here." "I don't think so. If you lived here, you'd have less, non-broken bones. And more, crushed spirits." "Yessir." and then there's: "And the duckie man is the winner, loser gets the egg!" "What?!&{}". And who could forget: "Happy hundreth birthday, Strong Bad" and "Well done, my doppleganger STOP"
Car is pretty good to: "Hup-chup-chup-chup!""What are you doing?" "Um, did you just say 'doing'?" "Why am I doing this?" "You said 'doing' again" "I'm just tricking out my fist here," POW! "Such a lovely gathering of pies and pie people"
I can't decide between those. Those are pretty much the creme of the crop. These are so good, I think I'll save them for prosperity, and maybe a little posterity. -CE5


Dragon!!! TROGDOR!!!!! Burninating the country side!
Video Games w00t!

You Can't get ye Flask - Thy Deungeonman


Definently it would have to be anything. The, "Class dissmissed. Except for you, Jerome" quote always cracks me up!


This is a tough question. I'm personally a fan of some of the classic emails, like StrongBadEmail/some kinda robot and StrongBadEmail/trevor the vampire. They're short and low on flashy stuff, but they're some of the funniest. They're like Clerks compared to Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, if you'll forgive the Kevin Smith reference. A few of the middle ones are excellent, too, like StrongBadEmail/guitar and StrongBadEmail/techno, and have some extra-special staying power. Few of the newer ones live up to those. But all of the ones mentioned above, like StrongBadEmail/dragon, StrongBadEmail/mile, StrongBadEmail/army, and StrongBadEmail/video games (if only because of "Why on earth can't I get ye flask??") are fantastic, too. -- InterruptorJones

My favorites are "Japanese Cartoon", "Video Games", "Techno" and "Dragon".

Kids' Book! Oh yeah. And the bird too.
"No two people are not on fire. Awwwww."
"Psssh! The double deuce!"
Lets see... mine are flashback, techno, kind of Cool, and different town.

"'Who the crap are you, duckshirt?' asked no-shirt."
"Let's break open that glowstick and pour it in Homestar Runner's Mountain Dew. I heard they have to pump your stomach when you drink that stuff."
"I don't know what that means... And you still smell like pea soup!"
"Best thing ever: Beef Stew. Yep, it's busted alright. I'm gonna go place." -Crap
Definitely kids' book, caffeine, japanese cartoon, and the interview.

"Oh, you've gotta be kidding. The Cheat would win with both hands duct-taped behind his back, and little pieces of duct-tape over his eyes, and Strong Sad could have a spear even." (the picture of Strong Sad with a spear just cracks me up.)
"And then there's blue hair. You gotta have blue hair! Then basically you just have to put me in space and make me fly around in cool poses!"
"Some people have headgear. Some people have braces. Fran could play linebacker for the Raiders."
"I feel great! I feel great! I feel great! I feel bad! I even watched football! I even watched football! I can't remember my legs!"--TubularLuggage
It's impossible to choose between a select few (read: many). Mile, Kids' Book, Stunt Double, Anything, Crazy Cartoon, Personal Favourites, Monster Truck, Huttah!, Dragon, Japanese Cartoon, 50 Emails, Your Friends, Techno, Little Questions, Spring Cleaning and Halloweener. They're pretty much the cream of the crop.

Oh, by the way, The Interview wasn't an E-mail. It was a short. There was an E-mail called Interview, but it was about Homsar, not Homestar.--Upsilon

There have been SO many great ones, but i'm gonna pick MY cream of the crop.
"kid's book"
"video games"
and no. 100, "flashback"

Also, there was that one time when Pom Pom and Coach Z got into a knife fight on the stone bridg... scratch that.--Doregard

First off, FlashBack Sucks, my favorite was 'funny'- Jack Selby

Stop trying to sway peoples opinions and making them feel stupid with your baseless opinion, you [expletive deleted]in' [expletive deleted]
My favorites are Sibbie (I Freaking Hate You Sibbie), Sister ("DELETED!" SAVED!), Caffeine (Strong Sad centered), and Army. Interview was good too, since it was Homsar based. - (Shuckle)?

Army. Definetly army, if had to choose 1. If I didn't, it would be Sibbie caffeine, army, interview(I guess), Funny, stunt double, I guess japanese cartoon (it used to be), monster truck, techno, the bird, island, trevor the vampire, and caper. I guess that's about it. If I remember more, I'll post them. By the way, FLASHBACK SUCKS!!!!! THE WORST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! -- Agent9

StrongBadEmail/sibbie is the best sbemail EVER! Personally, though, I want Strongsad to answer an email. I've sent him a ton, and i'm sure others have too. -Sunnythehamstar