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=== Easter Eggs ===
*Wait around at the end for an ad for the Homestar Jr.

=== Fun Facts ===
*"Where The Cheat is at?" is a reference to "Where my hat is at?", an old Homestar thing that was "Homestar's World Wide Web Debut".
*The car Strong Mad lifted up is the Gremlin from "Homestarloween Party".
*When the The King of Town is walking towards his grill, a flyer for The Cheat is seen stapled to his stone castle wall.
*Right before The King of Town comes up when Coach Z is talking to The Poopsmith, Coach Z quickly changes his hand gesture, if you look closely they accidently left the graphic for his other gesture there for a couple frames.
*When Coach Z attacks The King of Town, the The King of Town's crown flips up on Coach Z's head.
*The little green dancing thingy that Strong Mad finds under the Gremlin is The Goblin from "Homestarloween Party".