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Thu, 29 Jul 2004 23:31:11 . . . . Tom [Added image.]

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Linked to from the "What's New" bubble on the Main Pages, these items are generally posted (as the name implies) weekly. Here is a list of all "fanstuff" so far collected.

*29 Jul 2004
**Real Life Bubs! AAAHH!

*19 Jul 2004
**Congrats to The Cheat!
::[News article] on this topic at the [official site] of Friends Of The Cheat.

*12 Jul 2004
**Trogdor "Stand-up" cabinet
::[Click here for the full image]

*5 Jul 2004
**Sweet Cheat Bread

*29 Jun 2004
**Homestar sock puppet

*21 Jun 2004
**Burninating the Evergreens

*31 May 2004
**Hello Yello Dello

*24 May 2004
**Greeting Cardgage

*10 May 2004
**PomPom iPod

*03 May 2004
**Not quite a Bubs sign.

*26 Apr 2004
**Homestar Runner butt dance butt dance

*20 Apr 2004
**Clay Trogdor

*01 Apr 2004
**Stinko Man Underdrawers

*22 Mar 2004
**Matchstick Strong Bad

*15 Mar 2004
**Homestar Runner Pinewood Derby Car
**Strong Bad Pinewood Derby Car

*8 Mar 2004
**A tattoo (which appears to have been done with a ballpoint pen) of Modestly Hot Homsar

*1 Mar 2004
**A little Stinko Man sculpture

*23 Feb 2004
**A Trogdor sculpture with burninated peasant, made out of duct tape

*9 Feb 2004
**A Wisconsin custom license plate that says "WCHS BRU" (see Witch's Brew)

*2 Feb 2004
**Trogdor Plush-thing

*27 Jan 2004
**A Cold One cross-stitch.