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=== Easter Eggs ===
*When Homestar asks "Did you give me some bum candy?" You can click on The Poopsmith to see Homsar's secret costume, Slash from Guns N Roses.

*At the end when eveyone is standing around, click the rightmost candycorn light to see a bonus video! Here it is: [Video]
**[Video in fullscreen]

*After the cartoon is over you can click on some people to make things happen. These people are:

**The Poopsmith - Becomes "flaming Poopsmith." Homestar thinks it's cool.
**Strong Bad - Homestar thinks Strong Bad is El Debarge. {See below}
**Strong Sad - Coach Z compliments Strong Sad on his beautiful house and beautiful wife.
**The Cheat - Homestar is creeped out by The Cheat's costume.
**Bubs - Homestar comments on Bubs' costume.
**Marzipan - Some toilet humor courtesy of Strong Bad.
**Coach Z - Homestar comments on Coach Z's costume.
*If you give Bubs and Coach Z the pumpkin candy basket next to them by the "House that gave sucky treats" door, Stinkoman comes out, dressed as Speed Racer. Stinkoman will also appear if you click on the light switch on the left side of the screen.

=== Fun Facts ===
* When Coach Z talks about Strong Sads beautiful house, he is referencing to a song from the band "Talking Heads", which Strong Sad is dressed the lead singer of.
*If you give Stinkoman the jar with "Akira" on it youll get a surprise from the Anime movie of the same name.

*The Cheat is dressed up as Izzy, the Atlanta mascot for the olympics back in '96. The original Homestar Runner book was written during those olympics.

*When you click on Strong Bad, the conversation goes like this:
Homestar: Hey Strong Bad, I really like your El Debarge costume.
Strong Bad: I'm not El Debarge.
Bubs: No, no. He's Miami Sound Machine!
Strong Bad: No, I'm not!
Coach Z: He's Terence Trent D'Arby!
Strong Bad: No, I'm Carmen freakin' Mi- no wait, I'm Ozone. From Breakin'.
(Strong Bad references the first Halloween toon when he says "I'm Carmen freakin Mi-") (Breakin was a movie about break dancing.)

*Strong Sad is dressed as David Byrne, lead singer of the Talking Heads. He is wearing a "big suit," which Byrne used as a prop in their concert movie "Stop Making Sense."

*The Poopsmimth is dressed as M. Bison, the final boss character in the arcade game Street Fighter 2.

*When Homestar says "I told you I'd get a million libs of candy", he is trying to pronounce the abbreviation of pounds: "lbs".

*Coach Z's old school rap is the beginning of the fourth verse of the Geto Boys' "Mind Playin Tricks On Me".

*When everybody says "Cradenzel", Homestar says "witches brew" and Strong Bad says "this is boring."

*Van Buren's face is on the coins given to Homestar at the beginning.

*This toon suggests that Stinko Man lives in the present, and even in this country!

*When Homestar says "someone is grabbing my butt," it is most likely Bubs, since he is right behind Homestar.