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Fri, 11 Jun 2004 01:46:24 . . . . FireBird [Comment... kind of.]

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I am the awesome personage!! HAHAHAHAHAHa I have viewed the homestarruner website for a while. Ever since the Techno strong bad e-mail... Rock on Homestarrunner.com! You rock. Well, I was first shown this website by a relative and I've seen the light. Well, you probably got bored of listening to my life story. And you also probably aren't even reading this. I'll just put in some random sentence. "Hey, honey, did you get those badgers with rocket launchers and toasters attached to them? I mean, I asked you a million times. Hey, don't walk away from me."
FireBird's Fireworks!
We gaurentee, they are safe!
Free in-home test!
Legal in Fourteen states! Isured in none
So come on down to FireBird's Fireworks!
Boomtown, Tenneessee

- FireBird