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A piece of paper that comes down after each StrongBadEmail. It says: "Click here to e-mail Strong Bad". Usually this event signals the end of the unofficial end of the e-mail. Wait a couple of seconds, the majority of easter eggs can usually be found after The Paper has come down. Nobody knows where The Paper actually comes from, Strong Bad does not seem to have a printer on top of his monitor or at all. The lack of a printer seems to have no effect on this seemingly magical The Paper and it can sometimes be seen manifesting itself out of the clear blue skies.

The paper shows up in a couple other places too, saying different things.

*At the end of Superbowl Dealie, saying "Due to the big game, the Strong Bad Email will be late this week."
*At the end of in da basement, saying "Click here to play the Trogdor arcade game."
*At the end of duck pond,saying "Click here to play "Duck Pond".
*On the KoT main page, click on [e-mail] and wait until it is over. The paper will come down that reads a new message. "Nobody wants to e-mail The King of Town. Really."

Other "The Paper" Oddities

*At the end of guitar Strong Bad uses the BMW Lighter to scorch the paper.
*At the end of the bird it comes down rather omnisciently from the sky. Pom Pom lifts the corner and peeks under.
*At the end of 50 emails it comes down prematurely, ending an e-mail which in Strong Bad's opinion was not quite over. Indeed, The Paper seems to have a mind of its own!
*Apparently The Paper can follow orders as well; See date where Strong Bad instructs The Paper when to come down and bring the e-mail to a close.
*Strong Bad also uses the paper in the autobiography email; this time he prints the email out from his computer, like you would with a normal printer. The actual location of the printer is probably forever a mystery, much like Strong Bad's ability to type with boxing gloves for hands.
*In couch patch a "million dollar bill" is printed off.
*In StrongBadEmail/big white face, it comes down from the sky, and The Poopsmith tries to push it up with his shovel.
*The Paper also comes in other transmutations as well!
***in superhero name The Paper is a comic book.
***in japanese cartoon The Paper is an anime credit scene.
There is a printer, keep clicking the knobs of the Tandy 400 at the end of invisibility, and eventually it says on the screen, 'tell the printer i'll miss her.'