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== The Detailed Summary! ==
The results for each person and candy is loosely described below. The ones with stars are the most recommended so their descriptions are pretty vague. Strong Bad and Homestar Runner have more than one reaction star, because at least two of them are completely worth seeing. The one with two stars -**- is the most recommended.

==== Coach Z ====
*Jujy Fruits- Can't pronounce it. -*-
*Boston Baked Beans- Tells you a ridiculous story about Boston.
*Cherry Clan- Wonders if they're related to the Wu Tang Clan.
==== The King of Town ====
*Butterscotch- Makes him hungry for butterscotch basted ham.
*Butterfinger- Whines about the candy having butter only in the name and gladly accepts.
*Butter- Scarfs down the butter. -*-
==== Strong Mad and The Cheat ====
*Gravel- Strong Mad looks bewildered and says "Halloween"
*Pop Rocks- The Cheat eats them, drinks cola, head explodes
*Rocks- Strong Mad eats the rocks then bites cola can. The Cheat's head explodes. -*-
==== Marzipan ====
*Candy Corn- Is disappointed and wants real corn.
*Rice Cakes- Loves them.
*Raw Meat- While she is yelling at you, Strong Bad pulls a prank himself.-*-
==== The Poopsmith and PomPom ====
*Mary Janes- The Poopsmith holds up a sign that says something very witty.
*Chickostick- The Poopsmith dumps it in a can of whatsit.
*Astropop- The Poopsmith shoots PomPom, reflects and hits himself.
*The Pumpkin- Secret trick-or-treater!! -*-
=== >>>Homsar<<< (The Secret Trick-or-Treater!) ===
*Shavin' Creem!- DaAaAa....I'm the original lady's man!!
*A Wrench- Oh no!! I think this is my favorite!
*Black & Orange things- (singing) If you give me a TREAT. Make sure that it's SWEET. And I'll eeeeaatt it. -*-
==== Strong Bad ====
*Butterfinger- Strong Bad says something very insightful. Check the door. -**-
*Easter Marshmallow- Ticks him off something awful.
*Apple- Asks you some personal questions. -*-
==== Strong Sad ====
*Necco Wafers- Tells you of his childhood. Pretty funny. Pretty sad.
*Baking Chocolate- His only friend. -*-
*Campbell's Soup- You have to admit the relevance is hilarious.
==== Bubs ====
*Mallowcup- Sings about his mallow cup.
*Dumdums- Sings about his dum dums.
*Bazooka- Complains about the comic. Funny and true. -*-
==== Homestar Runner ====
*Smarties- He likes it because Marzipan told him to eat a lot.
*Change- Homestar gets rude. -*-
*Candy Peanuts- hsdance.gif Yeah. That pretty much explains it. -**-