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I have to disagree. The steak is clearly better than the rice cakes. --Upsilon

When you put the pumpkin in The Poopsmith's mouth that is a reference to Homestarloween Party when at the beginning the Poopsmith is pumpkin bobbing - Da Bee

This cartoon was pretty O.K. Exept for the sucky treats. I always give Marzipan the corn cake.
I liked Strong Bad's costume.

Strong Sad's line at the end is one of the very few examples of profanity on H*R.

I liked giving H*R the peanuts coz after when he knocked again for you to see more of his dance strongbadsboss

That's what I thought aswell. I always get that song in my head though (the one he sings whilst dancing) and unfortunately my friends have to listen to it all day. - M.J

What strong bad egging list?-Poot Slap