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Sometimes called the "Kick the Can Homestar," he is the 1936 equivalent of Homestar Runner. He gets this name from the old water soup can that he has been kicking around since 1928, in memory of his beloved dog that got "warshed away" that year. He is not a very good listener, and often responds to those who wish to converse with him, with a flat, "What?"
The reason he's THE Homestar Runner is because that was what he was called in the premier book, in "Where My Hat is at?", and in one old intro

Debut: Kick The Can

The Homestar Runner is the one who looks most like his regular world counterpart.
=== Famous Sayings ===
"Oh, go soak your fat head." from 20X6 vs. 1936
"Well, folks, you know what that means. Now I'll do a dance." from 20X6 vs. 1936

=== Complete Filmography: ===
*Kick The Can (debut)
*Ballad of The Sneak
*Main Pages/MainPage 10
*20x6 vs. 1936
*Mr. Shmallow