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The Blue Lazer commander is the evil mastermind behind Blue Lazer, an evil terrorist-type organization. His sworn enemies are The Cheat Commandos. He has a high-pitched, screechy British accent. The only differences between his uniform and that of his lackeys are that his patches are red while the lackeys' patches are light blue, and that he lacks a visor. He also has an eyepatch that switches sides whenever he turns around, due to the fact that Cheat Commandos is just a badly animated 30 minute commercial disguised as a cartoon.

Being the commanding force of an evil league of violence, the Commander naturally has several plans for world domination. In Cheat Commandos, he has his men build and guard a satellite dish, so that he could...do something (unfortunately, The Cheat Commandos destroyed the satellite dish with a devastating rocket that left a sole survivor). He also had a plan to blow up the ocean, as well as a plan code-named "operation-don't crush ourselves" in which he had several lackeys guard a cave so he could...umm...do...something very evil, I'm sure. Unfortunatly, this operation also failed, again due to The Cheat Commandos. His most deadly plot was in Cheat Commandos...O's when he faked a report of his base relocating to a secret desert, when in actuality, he had relocated to his nana's backyard. His plan almost succeeded, but then Crackotage dropped The Cheat Commandos a box of Cheat Commandos O's, saving them from exhaustion.

-the voice of the Commander is almost certainly a reference to the legendary voice-work of Chris Latta, best known as the voices of Starscream in Transformers and Cobra Commander from GI Joe

=== Complete Filmography ===
Cheat Commandos
Cheat Commandos...O's