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== Possums Are My Friend ==

'Allo. The name's Ambi. Thomas has sweet moves.

Okay, moving on. I'm fourteen (Omg. Like... I turned 14 a month ago. Woot.), I have an uber-obsession with TGS... Why? Cause they're awesome. I practically spazzed when they made a 5th one. Too bad What's Her Face wasn't able to go to the beach with them. I swear she's cool. Totally... Maxorzed?

Yes, I like having pictures all over the place. Pictures are fun. Fun... FUUUN.

I... Usually spend time being a loser. (Yay?) I draw... Sing... And... Have audio conversations with my friend (Yes. the one who told me to check you guys out. ;D) to share things on H*

I coulda sworn I put those potato chipahs in da fridgah. Or... Was that the ice cream?

Homsar and The Sneak are totally cool. And so are birds.
ThisSideHasBirdsOnIt.PNG Perch.PNG


What's Her Face's address, as noticed from the postcard gotten from the other girls.

What's Her Face
412 S. Figgis
Mundelow 80808

== Comments? The hell? ==

I gots three things:
A.) What's with "The hell"?
B.) My name is PrincessofStrongBadia. I'm highly obsessive and am one of the most active Wikiusers.
C.) Do you like Strong Bad?

A) *Shrug* It's fun.
B) I could tell.
C) Why yes, I do. But of course I'm not gonna touch him if your the princess. o_O;

A.) Butt's twelve by pies. (SummerFashions - Oooh. Pies...)
2.) I like to make fun comments. yay.
Furthermore.) What?

Tenderly I remain,
Cableman AgentSeethroo

Oh..and by the by is Ambi yer full name or is it short for Amber or..Amberlie...or...Ambrodunkerslieslie...the third? - AgentSeethroo

Ambrodunkerslieslie the third? Whoooa. Ehehehe, no... Not exactly... I took it from a video game (*Cough*Zelda*Cough*) after it occured to me it could be short for Amber... And... Amber is the name of an idol of mine. Soooo, here I am! Amanda... In... All her Ambi-ness-like glory.
I totally agree. What's-Her-Face is the best. Especially when her blood hurts. --Dark Grapefruit

Oh yes. The hurting blood! So cool. Soooo cool. *Nods* - SummerFashions

Don't you mean, soooo good? Oh BTW, good choice of video games. --DG

Or grood. Or... A'ight... And thanks.