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== Easter Eggs ==
*At the end of this one you can click on Strong Bad and Homestar to make them turn into various things.
**One of the things Strong Bad turns into is a pile of marshmallows with a cigar and eyepatch. This is from Meet Marshie!.

== Fun Facts ==
*FYI the 49ers beat the dolphins 38-16 in superbowl XIX.
*Homestar called Strong Bad Stinkoman. I think we all know what became of that....
*The guy who emailed Strong Bad (yami yugi) is a character from an anime called yu-gi-oh.
**This may be one reason why they used the name Stinkoman.
**I think this is probably the first time an Anime/Japanese name showed up on the "by line" of any Strong Bad e-mail...EVER.
*When Strong Bad says "Homestar" he types Dumpface
*When Homestar yells out, "Toons," "Games," and "E-mail", various things pop out of the water. This is a reference to Main Page 3
Actually, in the Main page 3, he says email and a monkey hits him with a coconut. The plane actually comes up when he says "store." -U-didnt-heer-et-frum-me.