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== Easter Eggs ==
* When you see Strong Bad talking to Coach Z, click on one of the lockers to Coach Z's right (your left), on the handle specifically. What is going on with Strong Sad?
* When you see Homestar with his goofy arms, click on the side of the box. Strong Sad is in trouble.
* Stick around at the end for the funny things Strong Bad says about the shrimp.

== Fun Facts ==
* When you see Strong Bad jamming with Strong Mad be sure to notice Strong Sad over on the right, dead?
* If you watch carefully Homestar's "Go Sports" hand turns into a baseball mitt while the scene transitions to Strong Bad back at the keys.
* One of the songs from the Strong Bad Sings CD, "Moving Very Slowly", now plays when Strong Bad and Strong Mad are jamming in front of the TV.
* If you listen carefully during the email when Strong Bad says "Palace, Lee, palace." He says Lee's name before he reads it on screen.
* The phrase "costume palace" is referred to in the King Of Town's character video, when the King says that he didn't "just buy a crown from the Costume Palace."
* At the end, you can still click on the contrast buttons. Pressing Tab helps.
* Strong Sad dead? To see why listen carefully when Strong Bad is on the phone in Email 50.
* Much of this episode appears to be a day dream of Strong Bad.
* This is the first time you see the side of the Compy 386.
* One of Strong Bad's false fingers appears to be a leg taken off one of the Homestar Runner action figures from an easter egg in the SB email "action figure."
* The announcer at the beginning is likely a reference back to the old 1960s Batman TV series in tone and choice of wording.