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=== Easter Eggs ===
*Click on the words "fish lake" to see a postcard from there. (Fish!)

*To see the wonderful CD collection Homestar gave Marzipan, click on "CD"

*Wait around at the end, it's not over!

=== Fun Facts ===
*Homestar successfully runs the email by typing Run "sb_enail.com", even though Strong Bad couldn't run the email with a far less obvious error in funny.

*The ONLY email so far without Strong Bad in it the whole way through.

*For number 3, it is a reference to "The Never Ending Story" movies; particularly the [title theme] from [the first movie].

*The Cheat is wearing George Harrison's Sgt. Pepper suit from The Beatles. theCheat_sgtPepper.jpg

*If you look closely at one of the coasters, you will see one of them says "Pigs on Head" and the others are names of other videolectrix games like, "Shploitz".

*When Coach Z says "Reg had the ball at the top o the key" this is a reference to StrongBadEmail/autobiography where Strong Bad says the same thing in his autobiography tape.

*"Far-off Lands" is a reference to both The Yello Dello DVD, where they travel through this area and an old charaters' page, where it says Strong Bad comes from there.
**Isn't Strong Bad from Parts Unknown? - Frednin

*Dan from FL writes in, yet Homestar calls him "Jerome".

*Strong Sad is wearing a shirt that says "Foreign Leadership Camp '91" As in reference to when Homestar was guessing what FL was.

*On the bottle of "never ending soda" that Homestar is pouring on the keyboard it says "Moun De" which is probably only part of the name "Mountain Dew"
**Wouldn't that be because the text wraps around to the other side of the bottle? --Xhad