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=== Easter Eggs ===
*If you wait around after the toon, you will get a a special MarzipansAnsweringMachine message, and you will see The Poopsmith still tied up behind the fence. Homestar Runner comes back to interrogate him.

=== Fun Facts ===
*Stolen goods that Strong Bad and The Cheat have stashed behind the fence:
**The Trivia Time cookie jar (see Rejects/Trivia Time)
**Strong Sad's iPod
**PomPom's Pom Pilot
**Creepy Comb-over Strong Bad's plastic Aldi bag
**Frank Bennedetto (the popcorn popper)
**The Thank You sign from Marzipan's living room
**Bags of "some savings"

*The newspaper Marzipan is reading says:
:The Latest News
:It's all true. All the rumors are true. The crime is on the rise in our very own town. Trust me on this one. I know what I'm talking about. No, wait. I don't. I make stuff up sometimes. That's cool, though, right? Good. I'll keep doing it then. It's a lot easy than fact checking. That stuff can be annoying.
:This is then repeated eight times to fill up the paper.

*After The Poopsmith is captured, Strong Sad's iPod like device is present behind Strong Bad near the fence. The screen of this device says:

*The title of the page is "The Bighouse!" At one time however, when the toon first appeared, the title was "Compy 386!!" just like a StrongBadEmail. This was fixed/changed to "The Bighouse!" within the first day.

*The phrase "We can retire to the MOOOooooooooooooon!" is a reference to StrongBadEmail/personal favorites

*The Fireworks are called "Fthoom Bang Brand bottle rockets".

*If you zoom in on the floppy in Strong Bad's computer room/Strong Sad's Tai-Chi room, it is called "Shogun". Rather fitting, considering all the oriental stuff in the room.
**Note: Shogun is a an RPG type game in the style of Final Fantasy Tactics. Its first release was on NES under the title Nobunaga's Ambition.
**Shogun was also the name of an Infocom text adventure, widely considered to be the most disappointing title in their line of interactive fiction games. These games were reminiscent of the Thy Dungeonman series on the Homestar Runner website, but with better English parsers.
**Historical Note: Shogun was the title of the feudal military administrator who from the 12th to the 19th centuries was (as the emperor's military deputy) the actual ruler of Japan. The title itself, Sei-i-tai Shogun (barbarian-subduing generalissimo), dates back to 794 and originally meant commander of the imperial armies who led the campaigns against the Ainu in N Japan. (http://reference.allrefer.com/encyclopedia/S/shogun.html)

*The "videro" camera says "Property of Kevin"

*The lighter The Cheat uses is the BMW lighter.

*"Shivved" is prison slang for being stabbed, i.e "He got shivved after they found out he was a snitch". A "shiv" is an improvised sharp knife-like weapon made in prison.

*Prof. Tor Coolguy is a sort of play on Sol Badguy, a character from Guilty Gear.

*The ruler Strong Bad stands next to in his prison photo indicates he's less than 4 feet tall.

*Baklava is an absolutely delish greek desert. There is a recipe for it [here].

*If you zoom in on the Pom Pilot when there's stuff on it, it's mirrored!