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Has anyone else noticed that the audio is slightly out of sync with the animation? I don't know, maybe it's just me. For some reason, I'm not really loving this toon. I thought it was kind of weird and not that funny. -- RunnyKine

I think the toon had a lot of inside jokes in it and that might have taken away from the humor a little - Heir_of_Lindeen

What are you talking about? That only adds to the humor! -CE5

I thought it was totally awsum!! LMAO! it was so funny! I LOVE Strong Sad when he's doing Tai Chi! hahaha and the rabid Cheat!! Arrohed Aria

While, I loved the title music.Another Fan

Before the toon was added to the menu, the title was Compy 386!!!, but now it is The Bighouse! Why is that?

I'll bet they saw this site and decided to change the name for the sole purpose of throwing us for a loop. - Heir_of_Lindeen

I noticed it too. ~Rainer~

I thought the cartoon was good, but it didn't really have a plot. It just sort of felt like a rehash of the "Dangeresque" preview in the Strongbad email about stunts. It felt like a bunch of random scenes and lacked the cohesiveness that made the earlier cartoons more fun. - socetew

It did so have a plot! you're obviously too stupid to know what it is!

Oh, CE5, that wasn't very nice. Yes, let me rephrase that.. it *did* have a *plot*, but it just wasn't a very exciting or cohesive one. It lacked the intrigue that made earlier cartoons better. Not to say that I didn't still watch it a whole bunch of times, but hey. - socetew

I would imagine that the reason it said "Compy 386" is because they are not starting each cartoon from scratch. They just take the basic framework and change things from there. They probably had just finished the 100th email, and forgot to change the title. I do believe that they (tbc) were notified by a site similar to ours. I know that fark.com also has a large homestar following. But, it would be cool to think that our little (well, not so little anymore) site might be read by the brothers... ;) -Stu


Did anybody else notice the compulsive labeling in this one? Everything is labeled: DOOR, HENCHMAN, FOOD, WATER, EWW, JAIL, A BOX, JACK HAMMA!, and "some savings". Are TBC going senile on us? -- InterruptorJones

Hmm... that is a very good observation. I have always liked the small print on stuff that I had to go back to and read. Like the ingredients on the side of the box of Grape Nuts from StrongBadEmail/personal favorites. Man, that's funny. -- Tom


Irony: The Poopsmith's mouth was covered in tape. Why irony? He took a vow of silence! ~Yaanu~

Heh. I noticed that too but forgot to post it. Funny. -- InterruptorJones

Did everyone notice all the stuff behind the fence? Benedetto is alive! --Dark Grapefruit

Benedetto obeyed homestar!-Crap

Hee hee.....I think it's cool how even though Strong Bad has his own emails he still stars in a lot of big toons. Probably because everyone loves him :)
Check it out! This kinda looks like Strong Bad!!! (>:o) -PrincessofStrongBadia

I just thought of something: in the KoT commentary Strong Bad yells about not having his own toon yet, while the loser KoT already has his own. Guess who's toon this was? -War129

That was because when the commentary was made, Strong Bad hadn't starred in any cartoons yet. Not even Sbemails. -CE5

I personally think The Cheat sabotaged the Fthoom-Bangs on purpose, to get back at Strong Bad for the Cheatcake incident. -(Narcos)

Oh NOOO! The Cheat and Strong Bad are comrads till the end!!!!!! -Mrs. Bad

I doubt that. The Cheat may double cross strong bad one day -Kenshin

I doubt THAT. The Cheat doesn't want to get taped to Pom Pom again.

In other news, does anyone else find it a tad odd that the KoT? is hollering through the castle looking for the Poopsmith? And muttering that he wants bisquit dough while looking for him? Is the Poopsmith suddenly doing the cooking at the castle? Gee-ross. Scziy

I loved this toon. Oh, and I noticed the irony of the Poopsmith's mouth being duck-taped, too. Guess ya just can't trust ANYONE anymore. -NickelBad

I was rather disappointed by this toon too. oh well. -lue of sky

YOU GUYS ARE ALL NERDS!!!! -(zwaxa)?
:Coming from someone who noticed the mistake on the Homestar Runner Glossary about the CHILDREN! entry and who listened to Senor Mortgage close enough to correctly identify the closing remark of the Visor Robot in the easter egg, I take that as a compliment. Thanks "zwaxa". -- Tom

Actually, regarding the Cheat and Strong Bad turing against each other, I think it could happen. I mean, Strong Sad and Strong bad were once really good friends (go to http://www.homestarrunner.com/sadjournal/wonderyears.html), but now, they're enemies. If it can happen with a friendship like the one Strong Sad & Strong bad seemed to have, it could happen to Strong Bad and the Cheat. -Fhqhwgads