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== Hello all, I am Riding in a corvette and feeling alright. Post your comments below the line! ==
Anyone else besides me waiting for NCAA Fooball 2005 to come out?- Riding in a corvette and feeling alright

No, but I'm waiting for Madden 2005 to come out!!--bkmlb

Ya, I'm getting that too, it looks awesome with the better defensive controls and stuff like newspaper articles and radio.- Riding in a corvette

Thanks alot, now I've got the "All right for tonight" song in my head. Oh well, I guess it's better than the meowmix theme.... wait,... nope, sorry meowmix comes in at number 1.
Nah, I'm only mucking with ya. But you seriously should listen to this http://e2tl.playvectrex.com/kittykitty.html and click the door on the right. - It's the meowmix theme