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Mon, 31 May 2004 17:16:53 . . . . Reeve

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Just another Homestar Runner fan...

I'm in New Jersey, and I especially love the cheese metal goodness of Limozeen. You can check out my website(s) at http://www.blueshinra.com.

Keep on Zeenin'!

Hey, Reeve, I'm in NJ too. Whereabouts are you from in NJ?- (StrongBadZone22)?

I'm in North Jersey, about an hour from NYC. You?

No way! Where in North Jersey? I'm originally from Morris county. -- Tom

Union County, though I'm a South Florida native :D

Eh, Reeve! I didn't mean to single you out there. I just think it gets awfully cluttered in that WikiUsers area.
-The Brothers E

It's all good. And I see what you mean about the list... I don't remember it being that big when I first came here! --Reeve