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*If you click on The Poopsmith's pumpkin you unlock Homsar. He is dressed as Ghost Dog and his "pumpkin" is a spoon taped to an eggplant.
*At the end, click on Homestar (the REAL one) to have him talk to The Cheat.
*At the end, click on The King of Town to play Super Kingio Brothers.
*At the end, click on the moon to make a ghost-like Marshie appear and say "Made from the best stuff".
*While loading, you can change the features on the pumpkin. They will stay the way you changed them at the beginning of the toon.
*While the cartoon is fading out (to the costume section) Homestar tries to keep track of the screen by moving his head under the "The End" sign.
fun facts
*The name of this toon comes from the combination of the words "carve" and "carnival".

Fun Facts

When Homestar is judging the King of Town's pumpkin (pie), he asks the Cheat what he thinks. The phrase the Cheat uses to answer it appears on the Strong Bad email Cheat talk. He says, "the King of Town is so lame."