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a>run "other_message"
This userspace sucks!

a>run "quote_of_the_day"
On the games menu: "So old they are new! Maybe you forgot!"

a>run "wiki_debut"
Debut: Toons (I added a link to Marshie's Malloween Mix-up to the Secret Pages
list, when it was still in the Toons section.
First time I visited this wiki: Around the Strong Bad Email army, I think. I
don't remember, but it was when this wiki was around for only a couple months. I
have literally seen this wiki evolve into what it is today!
First time to H* Around the SB Email "date" I think, the first time I went
was the very end of June 2003. I didn't really get into H*R that much, only
going on occasionally (like once a week or so). However, I was hooked the week
that kids' book came out.

a>xtype comments.htm /type:html

Put all your comments here, if you have any (and if you have even seen this userspace)

I won the mile.

ATTENTION BALEETERS: This is a userspace.

Hey, thanks whoever - Mr. Strong Bad

Dang. I was so looking forward to baleeting this page. Just kidding.

I wanted to the cheated. Ever notice on the list Homestar tried Bubs? - SBR

Can I de la soul it?--AgentNine

Hi everybody. I don't know what to write on this page. Anyways, I found this wiki a few months before I signed up, I thought it was awesome (and still is) -Mr. Strong Bad

Mr. Strong Bad, you joined the wiki! How'd you?-What's your secret? How do you like this wiki, MR. STRONG BAD? -Shopiom

The cheat.........

Wow. Amazing. I don't know what to say. So, I won't say anything. Hey, wait, I said something. - Mr. Strong Bad

Hey cool, I found a secret wiki page!!!!! (that has now been deleted. Oh well, thanks Tom)- Mr. Strong Bad By the way, the page was NewToHomestarRunner.Com? or something like that.

What secret wiki page? You mean like this one that I made for my userspace? -Hagurumon

Tom deleted it a few hours ago. It was called NewToHomestarRunner.Com?. I could restore it here for everyone to see, though. - Mr. Strong Bad

Have (fun)?. - Mr. Strong Bad