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The second easter egg ain't actually Marzipan's Credit Card Company. It's Homestar disguising his voice making the prank call succesfully. Of course, Strong Bad probably gave Homestar a script because Homestar calls himself "some kinda doodle with a propellor cap" and I'm pretty sure Homestar didn't know it was himself considering "Homestar dosn't know the alphabet." -TheDoggy

Homestar's never been able to disguise his voice. I think it's really the card company. War129

Perhaps, but after Strong Bad's Prank Call Class... -- Tom

From the StrongBadEmail/local news during SkyCheat Traffic Homestar reads the sign "WAIT IN LINE: $5" and Homestar says "Best five bucks I ever spent!", and the six-week training course Homestar was gonna take in Prank Call Class, it was Homestar's "second best five bucks!!!"

I think that the "second-best five hundred bucks" that Homestar spent on the Prank Call Class is actually a runner up to the five hundred bucks he spent on "one of those racecar beds" using Marzipan's credit card. I believe that it actually was Homestar who used her credit card and Strong Bad is using that in his "script" (if you will) for Homestar's prank call. Homestar probably just drew a little drawing of himself on the line to sign for the package. -- Tom

Man, this is REALLY WEIRD! -Maudi

No that's not it! Homestar used maripan's credit car to buy the bed. That's why the guy said there was a picture of homestar on it. And that also explains the "Second best 500 bucks I ever spent." ~CB

Yup. -- Tom

I think it's the actual credit card guy, like War129 said, Homestar's never been able to disguise his voice that good. Remember the last Marzipan's answering Machine?-DaChazman?

I think they left it purposely ambiguous, seeing as the guy paused when giving his name and during other parts. So it could be real, but it could just as well be a really well-done prank. -- Gemini

Okay, that sounds nothing like Homestar! Any simalarities are simply because they same guy does the voice for everything! Besides. the call isn't the prank, the prank was Homestar using her credit card to buy a race car bed. Do we have to make a poll out of this? -- Mechafox

The creators make it obvious who is talking. This is really the Credit Card company - They just gave him a personality.

Wow. After being read through the step-by-step process of what a prank call consists of, we're given an perfect example of one and people STILL think it really is the credit card company. This may be the first successful prank call: successful in the sense that it fooled so many of you.

I dunno about that. Upon thinking about it, I, too, think it's purposefully ambiguous. I think that's the whole joke: we're given a treatise on how to make a prank call, then we're given obvious prank call material -- except we're not sure it's a prank call, since it does sound almost plausible, and the voice is certainly not recognizable, given that practically every character we know probably couldn't disguise his voice to save his life, including Homestar, Strong Bad, Bubs, and Coach Z (the most likely candidates to be involved in a prank call). Also, I wonder if Homestar's "second-best five hundred bucks" and this alleged purchase are somehow related... -- FurryKef

It's definitely not Homestar! I mean, Homestar couldn't disguise a a voice to save his life, especially not someone he doesn't know! Just watch Answering Machines #'s 7 and 9! -CE5

Agreed. I think its hilarious when homestar has to tape over marzipans answering machine and he puts on a voice for HIS OWN VOICE. funny stuff. - M.J

The point is, even if Homestar could disguise his voice, would the prank be anything like that? I mean, Homestar couldn't think of a prank to save his life, and Strong Bad's pranks are nothing like that. -War129

Bottom line: if this were actually a prank call from one of the characters, there wouldn't be any argument about it. None of the suspects could possibly have put together such a convincing prank call or disguised their voice so well. It's just a follow-up to the "second-best five hundred bucks I ever spent". --Upsilon

I got it! It's the POOPSMITH! think about it! a guy who shovels crap for a living and supposedly has a vow of silence. He might have been the culprit! -Doregard

Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. The Poopsmith (please)- Jack Selby

This page has been up for long enough. There was a poll for it on WikiPolls, and the opinion that it was actually Marzipan's credit card company won. Heres what happened:

Homestar used Marzipan's credit card to buy a $500 racecar bed and "signed" it by drawing a picture of himself. That would explain the "second best" $500. When Marzipan's credit card company saw this, they got suspicious and Ron Dardman called.

Besides, that sounds nothing like any of the characters, it's not the kind of material any of them would use for a prank call, and Homestar did not learn how to disguise his voice in the prank call class. He didn't really pause as if he was trying to read the name, he just stuttered. All evidence says that that is Ron Dardman. -CE5

why do we have to debate this? why can't we just accept the fact that it's funny, and go on? Homestar didn't finish the class, anyways. SB cancelled it. I agree with the thing that came out of the 'wikipoll'. Homestar wouldn't call with something like that. He bought the bed and was too stupid to even TRY to forge Marzipan's signature. Thus, the company called. -dayve_57

Uh... Dave? You might want to take note of the fact that you were the first person to add a comment to this page since Mon, 26 Apr 2004 19:31:40. That's almost three months. And we didn't have a WikiPoll about this. -- Tom