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My absolute FAVORITE HSR character is ssIM1.gif and I love him. Ha. But seriously, I'm a 14 year old Korean girl from good ol' Central California. I even speak 3 languages!!! English (Duh!), German, and Spanish! If y'all want to chat, my AIM screennames are: czechthisout11 and afireinside872, so don't hesitate to IM me!!! You can e-mail me at or too. Just tell me that your a HSR fan, so I don't get all creeped out. lol Well, anywayz, here's a really cool pic that I love a lot:


Ok, I USED to say the word "seriously" ALL the time in like, the 6th grade, so I have deeper than deep personal connections to this pic. lol

Here are my *Favorite Quotes From HSR*:

Strong Sad: "I don't like food anymore"
Strong Bad: "Possums"
Homestar Runner: "Ooops. You broke it"
Coach Z: "The King's gone mad with power! He's gonna eat the chort!"
Strong Bad: "You're the wiggidy-wiener"
And last, but not least.....
Strong Sad: "I guess you can say I like board games more than most people. By that I mean: I like board games more than most people do. By that, I also mean: I like board games more than I like most people."

Ok, well, that's all for now. Feel free to comment or suggest anything you want. Talk to me people!!! Heeheehee. L8!


L8? Is that some kind-a... breakfast cereal or somethin'? --liato

Mmmm, L8. - Heir_of_Lindeen

So it IS a breakfast cereal. Where can I purchase this fine product? --liato

Down at Bubs'. - Heir_of_Lindeen


LOL- Jack Selby

You get there only to discover Bubs has closed down for the night. Do you: A) Try to break in. B) Find Bubs and try to convince him to let you in. C) Wait till tommorrow. - Heir_of_Lindeen

D) Drink some soy sauce and fly the concession stand to the moon. --liato

The concession fails to lift of the ground, I would reccomend you use the sweet, sweet rainbow bridge. -Heir_of_Lindeen

You still cant move the stand to the bridge so you must purchase some wheels and a doly. The only place where you can purchase them is at Bub's concession stand so you must start all over again, which would be an endless circle, which would leave everyone dazed and confuzed so that it leaves room for possums (or Walmart) to take over the world. This would be no good. What would you do? Arrohed Aria