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Wed, 14 Jul 2004 20:59:55 . . . . Tom [Added note.]

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Hey, it's IRbaboon!
You'll probably know the name from the cartoon show 'I am weasel', I use that name for all internetpages and forums. Before my username I was known as node-d-6af2.a2000.nl.

I'm here to add stuff to the wiki, I'm impressed with what you guys have put up so far!
So far I added various screenshots here and there and also made the transcript for the Decemberween Kid's book wich I am really proud of :)

Is it possible to make an image out of a link that doesn't end in png, jpg or gif?

(Nope. Sorry. See [this] and [this] for details. -- Tom)


Hey! Welcome to the Wiki! I'm AgentSeethroo, and I umm...like to...uhh........
Hey, look over there!

<AgentSeethroo runs away>

Hey man, I used to love that show! (the I am weasel cartoon) I never wanted to miss an episode, same with cow and chicken. But I don't watch T.V anymore, except for the Simpsons of course. Glad to see new members coming to the site. I like your transcript too. Impressive. - M.J

Weclome to the wiki!! I'm DeLoreanz1, and I will be your guide to getting to know this Wiki!! If you have any questions, come to my userspace and ask me. If I don't know, I'll direct you to a knowledgeable person that does know. A Time Machine Weclome!! You'll also learn how to make your name look different!! Just ask me if you have any questions.

Um... DeLoreanz1, I know you like to welcome people and all, and there's nothing wrong with that. But we do have a HelpDesk for Wiki related questions. It's there to keep all the questions in one spot. This way, nobody has to redirect anybody anywhere. -- Tom

Oh, ok. Just trying to help.

Heh, thanks for your offerings guys, but I already know my way around the Wiki. By the way, I updated the Secret Pages with all the new links to the preview movies and some new pages like the rotating news button and mainpages index. I hope the Brothers Chap did'n't mind that I was sniffing through their password protected actionscript... -- IRbaboon

Good jarearb! Or, I mean good jorb!! Or, DELORTED! Whatever. Inside joke carried too far. God job on the secret pages. Ooohhhh...password protected? How? did you use a password cracker or something?

Try to download any toon on homestarrunner and import it into flash like [this] file. You'll see it requires a password to use it. And even if you knew the password the actionscript wasn't visible.
I used a swf decompiler that reverse engineers the swf file so you can see and save all the actionscript/fonts/texts/animation and vector art. The Brothers C have recently programmed a fine piece of actionscript inside the toonsmenu that allows them to add new toons to the tvguide very easily.

Sweet. That sounds like something I'd do if I had the programs and crap, but I'm too busy anyways. DeLoreanz1

Welcome! I am Kupo. I try to greet new wikiusers, and try to be a friend of everyone. Anydangway, for a new user, you sure know a lot about wikis! -I am not insulting you; it is a compliment. -Kupo