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== Main Games ==
As Homsar would say, "Daaaaaahhh! James!". The Homestar Runner games section is where you can play games with your favorite characters in them. Here's a list of all of the games recently available on the games section:

=== New Games ===
*Old Games - So old they are new! Maybe you forgot!
*TROGDOR! - One armed dragon might! Thrilling level!
*Population: Tire - Bouncing tire Challenge! Begin at once!
*Thy Dungeonman - Type an adventure! Keyboard to the max!
*Awexome Cross - Rolling Cheat thunder! Grab n go cash!
*Strong Bad Zone - Avoiding shaped attacks in a Strong Bad Zone!
*Marshie's Malloween Mix-Up - Switching colored treats! Floating delights!
*Secret Collect - A flashing maze to create many times!
*Strong Bad's Rhino Feeder - Mighty zoo animal! Elude a snake!
*Peasant's Quest - Robed peasant hero! Text and graphic style!

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*See the (Easter Eggs)?
*See the [Games Menu]
*See the [Games Menu in fullscreen]

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=== Old Games ===
Chosing "Old Games" on the above menu brings you to the "Super Old Games-n-Such" menu, a modified version of the previous games menu, modeled after an old Nintendo Game and Watch. The games listed there are:

*Dancin' Bubs
*Homestar Talker
*Audition With Marzipan
*Bronco Trolleys
*Strong Libs
*Homestar Quiz
*Hairstyle Runner
*Fortune Cookies
*Spin 'n' Say
*Astro Lite

=== Other Games (secret, old, etc.) ===
There are also other games that don't appear on the Homestar Runner games menu, which are old games, games that appeared on another page or in the cartoons. Here is a list of those games:

From Cartoons:
*Homestar Runner and Marzipan Extra Real Dating Sim XR
*Super Kingio Brothers
*Fishing Game
*Strong Bad's Treat Snatcha
*Egg Throwing Game

Other Pages:
*Kick the Cheat
*Pigs on Head
*Thy Dungeonman 2
*Revenge of The King

Old Games:
*She Loves Me!