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Sometimes the Brothers Chaps recreate the entire cast of the website. They created a 1936 version of the website in the style of silent movies and early talkies. Inspired by a Strong Bad Email, they once created a Japanese anime version of Strong Bad, and from there created anime versions of other characters. Anything created by 'The Cheat' has a very rudimentary flash style. They also occasionally use normal video of puppets in lieu of animation. The 100th SBEmail deliberately uses an animation style which matches some of the earliest work of the Brothers Chaps.

There are also complicated narrative modes on the site. Strong Bad often answers 'What If' questions in his emails, which leads to variations on normal characters. Anything goes for their writing.

A lot of people want to keep track of all of these permutations. This page is for tracking and organizing all of the potential variations of the characters on the H*R site.

=== 20X6 ===
An alternate universe that basically makes fun of every anime show ever made
Stinko Man (Strong Bad)
Pan Pan (PomPom)
20X6 Homestar (Homestar Runner)
20X6 Marzipan (Marzipan)
(20X6 Coach Z)? (Coach Z)
(20X6 The Cheat)? (The Cheat)
Stickly Man (The PoopSmith)

=== 1936 ===
An alternate universe from the days of black and white
The Homestar Runner (Homestar Runner)
The Sneak (The Cheat)
The Kaiser (The King of Town)
The Strong Bad (Strong Bad)
Fat Dudley (PomPom)
Sickly Sam (Strong Sad)
Strong Man (Strong Mad)
The Devil (The Poopsmith)
Mr. Shmallow (Marshie)
The Guy at the Depot (Bubs)
The Football Player (Coach Z)
1936 Marzipan (Marzipan)
The Barbershop Trio (The Announcer)
The Bossman

=== Puppets ===
As seen in Puppet Thing and Puppet Time!
A Homestar Runner puppet seems to be the only puppet that exists. Combined with three small 'The Cheat' plush toys, though, and some props, The Brothers Chaps manage to make very entertaining shorts.

Little known facts about the puppets:
1. TBC did not actually make the puppets; a friend in Atlanta made them.
2. Expect more puppets soon, because TBC have more puppets in the works.

Complete filmography for the puppets:

Puppet Thing
Puppet Time!
Puppet Jam
Puppet Jam 2
Puppet Jam 3
Lackey (easter egg)
Three Times Halloween Funjob(easter egg)

=== Cheat Commandos ===
The Cheat Commandos

=== Dangeresque ===

=== Other Alternates ===
Creepy Comb-over Strong Bad
Little Strong Bad
3-D Vector Strong Bad