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== Easter Eggs ==
*Wait around at the end for a Coach Z talker.

== Fun Facts ==
*This is the first full-length Homestar Runner cartoon using the Chaps' current animation style.
*In the scene with PomPom in the theater, you'll notice a silhouette of Tom Servo, from Mystery Science Theater 3000, on the left of Coach Z.(Shouldn't they put Servo on the right? That's where he goes, isn't it? Oh well, doesn't matter. -dayve_57)
*Coach Z strapped into the chair in the theatre is a reference to the Stanley Kubrick film A Clockwork Orange.
*Coach Z calls Homestar Runner "Stairmaster", a reference to the [StairMaster] work-out product.
*The old pop-up menu appears on this cartoon (at the bottom). All the buttons still work. Only this toon and Where's the Cheat? seem to still have it.